Get on-board with the latest, health-conscious cooking trend with the fantastic Spudnik Spiralizer from Tower! A great way to turn boring, solid vegetables into wondrous, fibrous and delicious spirals that can be used as a substitute for pasta and noodles, this handy appliance will revolutionise the way you prepare fruit and veg.

Simply insert your fruit or vegetable of choice and turn the ergonomically designed handle to create stunning fruity, veggie spirals and ribbons that can replace carbs in many meals. A sharp and durable julienne blade offers precision performance and creates 3mm or 6mm of full slice spirals. Requiring only a simple hand wash, this appliance eliminates the need for arduous cleaning, leaving you more time to enjoy its delicious finished results.



Create colourful vegetable spirals and ribbons
Perfect for replacing carbs in meals and salads
Sharp and durable julienne blade for precision and accuracy
Choose between 3mm / 6mm / full slice spirals
Easily adjust cutting style with a simple twist
Detachable bowl for easy storage
Strong tripod legs for stability
Not suitable for dishwasher
Handwash recommended

Tower Spiralizer