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simplehuman Code B Custom Fit Liners - Pack of 30

Tailored for a perfect fit in simplehuman bins, the Custom Fit Liner is a durable refuse sack that can withstand a variety of wastes. Manufactured from extra-thick plastic, and consisting of double seams, the simplehuman Custom Fit Liners are resistant to tears and rips, while the strong, durable drawstring handles make it easy to lift, tie, and carry the liners when full

Features and Benefits

Specifically tailored for use with simplehuman bins, the liners provide a perfect fit and do not slip, bunch or overhang meaning they remain discreet at all times
Extra-thick plastic and double seams prevent rips and tears meaning waste can be transported to kerbside bins with confidence
Convenient drawstring handles facilitate easy lifting, tying and carrying when full
Dispenser pack opening makes grabbing one liner at a time easy, and removes the need for perforations that could weaken seams


Capacity: 6L

Simplehuman B Bin Liner

SKU: CW0161
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